• Costs £25 per annum, payable on 1st January. 

The benefits of being a member are:

  • Quarterly magazine
  • 10 workshops each year, all with expert tutors
  • Reduction on the cost of the workshops
  • Access to library of books covering all aspects of calligraphy
  • Annual exhibition to showcase work
  • Monthly decorated envelope exchange scheme (see below)
  • Plus of course you can feel part of a lovely group of people!

To join download and return The Marches Scibes – Membership Form

or for further information please see Contact Page

Over the last 8 years up to 16 scribes (varying each year) have been exchanging calligraphic decorated envelopes.  Each month they have created an envelope which will be a pleasure for the nominated recipient, so each month every participant has the pleasure of receiving one, cheering up the postal delivery and brightening the stream of bills and advertising.  The sender can use any technique, script or design they choose.  Many of those taking part value the activity to stimulate regular creativity on a project of manageable size, whatever their experience level.  This exchange of ideas and friendly contact between the members, outside the regular workshops, has proved to be very popular.  Many people are building up a personal archive of much valued ‘Mini-Masterpieces’.