Forthcoming Events

2019 Workshops to be held at Monkland Village Hall

(see contact page for directions)

Saturday & Sunday 30th/31st March – Welter of Watercolour & Decorative Contemporary Capitals



Jan Pickett

2 day cost £30 – 1 day Members £18 Guests £21

Saturday 11th May – Surface Textures in Calligraphy

Using colour and preparing  a good coloured surface to write upon, is always a bit scary.

We will explore ‘with passion’ a series of small projects using a variety of colours, mediums and surface textures that can be written upon. Yes you will be writing, in or after the workshop.

This will start or be added to, your personal calligraphic / lettering dictionary.”

Linda Lewis

Saturday 15th June – Italics with a Twist

Nick Caulkin

6th July – Textural Art – Impact and Intrigue

Simon Sonsino

Saturday 21st September – Kaliph Script

Kathy Sedar

Saturday 12th October – Creative Capitals – Hermann Kilian

Ann Mason

Saturday 16th November – Opportunities with Hatching and Collage

Andrew Moore

For further details please contact Kris on 01544 327657

Your place is guaranteed on receipt of your cheque

(Full day £18 – Members or £21 – Guests) 
Most of the workshops are suitable for beginners and/or those with more experience, but have a chat with Kris if you are unsure.