Forthcoming Events

2023 Workshops to be held at Monkland Village Hall

February 11               HOMEGROWN WORKSHOP             Jen Collier/Monday Group

                                  Take Three Letters and Backgrounds

February 18               BEGINNER SESSION 1                                 Caroline Owen Thomas

                                   10am – 1pm, £20 for both sessions

March 25                     LEARNING LINDISFARNE LETTERS                           Peter Lloyd

                                     Looking at the Gospels. Uncial script for beginners,

                                     plus challenges for the more experienced 

March 18                     BEGINNER SESSION  2                                       Caroline Owen Thomas

                                     Roman Capitals

April 15                         LETTERING INSPIRED BY LUCIENNE DAY              Ann Mason                                                  

                                      Design and quirky letters. This will be fascinating.

May 13                         COPPERPLATE (PART 2)                                                      Rachel Yallop

                                    The capital letters this time

June 17                        CREATIVE PAINTING for ILLUSTRATING TEXT       Jan Mehigan

                                    Brushes, paint, manipulation and imagination

July 22                         CAN YOU RESIST IT?                                   Caroline Owen-Thomas

                                     Experiments & trials with words,

                                     surfaces & all manner of masking mediums

September 23             TAKE A LINE FOR A WALK                                    Christine Nicholls 

                                   Design a personal map with compass rose & concertina binding

October 29                  ITALIC HANDWRITING                            Eleanor Winters (USA)

Sunday                       A less formal, cursive alphabet using a variety of tools


November 25              FOLDED BOOKS                                                         Josie Brown

                                     Plenty of variety, to include some concertina books

All the workshops (£20 for members, £25 for visitors) are be held in Monkland Village Hall, HR6 9DD from 10am- 4pm. Always worth booking early as spaces fill quickly.

To book or for further details please contact Kris on

01544 327657

Most of the workshops are suitable for beginners and/or those with more experience, but have a chat with Kris if you are unsure.