Forthcoming Events

2021 Workshops to be held at Monkland Village Hall

(see contact page for directions)

February 20 + 27         PATTERNS – ZOOM Workshop                Caroline Owen Thomas


April 17                           UNCIALS                                                                        Peter Lloyd

                                       For beginners and improvers


April 17                            BETWEEN THE LINES                                                Val Yost

                                         Modified capitals using coloured pencil


May 22                               HAND LETTERING                                                David Simons

                                           Create letter styles to suit your message

The May workshop has had to be moved to May 22nd as the previous date was before the crucial May 17th easing of lockdown date

June 12                              BREAKING THE RULES                                          Janet Smith

Janet writes  “‘Breaking the rules’ was born out of the number of times I hear “Am I allowed….?” when I’m teaching.  We will look at tools and materials and techniques, and realise that sometimes the breaking of what we thought was a “rule” can lead to something more exciting.”

And while we trying to sort out if it was  possible for us to run this workshop she wrote  “Oh the irony of making sure I’m not breaking the rules to run my breaking the rules workshop!”

July 10                                DRAWN & SHADED LETTERING                          Rachel Yallop

                                            Working with charcoal

September 25                 HAVE FUN WITH RULING PENS          Caroline Owen-Thomas

                      Make a cola pen and learn how to use it with mark-making & a script

October 9                          MAKE A CROSS-STRUCTURE BOOK                  Josie Brown

October 10                       CULTURE COMBINATIONS                                    Josie Brown

                                           Develop your own hand

October 30                       TASTER SESSION  10.00-13.00          Caroline Owen-Thomas

November 13                   UNICIALS                                                                  Peter LLoyd

Please bear in mind that COVID-19 restrictions may affect the programme and that dates and subjects may be changed if necessary

For further details please contact Kris on 01544 327657

Your place is guaranteed on receipt of your cheque

(Full day £18 – Members or £21 – Guests) 
Most of the workshops are suitable for beginners and/or those with more experience, but have a chat with Kris if you are unsure.