Calligraphy Exhibition 2016

 Mark my words – Exhibition

I’ve just come back from helping take down the exhibition from the Grange. It doesn’t seem possible that a month has passed – how the time flies!

It was the first exhibition that I helped put up and remove but it was also the first with a different team organising it, and the first at the Grange. I think we were all a little anxious as the Leominster library had been the venue for a few years and there always seemed t
o be plenty of people passing the entrance, visiting it for advice and picking up books. The main worries were: would people take the time to walk to the Grange, would visitors find it and would they get a warm welcome when they visited.


I am pleased to say that these fears were unfounded, the combination of advertising (the new flag outside the Grange plus the numerous posters dotted across the county), and the window display at the Information Centre all made sure that the numbers of visitors was up on previous years. Although, the room for the main exhibition was upstairs (there was a lift) the quality of the light and the fact that it was a static display meant that it looked as professional on the last day as it did on the first. In fact the Grange is a lovely environment with a friendly welcome desk and the opportunity to relax and have a drink. All these factors helped make it a success plus they have asked us to go back next year – can’t be bad.

We hope to have access to some display cabinets next year so we can include more small items, as a few visitors expressed disappointment that there were no further examples of the small books that were included in the display at the visitor centre.

So, on behalf of membership I would like to thank all the team for making it such a successful exhibition but of course this can only achieved by the skill and imagination of every one who created a piece of work for display.

Can’t wait to hear what the title is for next year!

Susan Watson-Jones